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Reid Physicians Group of Jacksonville, Florida, is an integrative medicine, chiropractic and rehabilitation care practice focused on rebuilding, regenerating, and restoring their patients’ health and well-being. The expertly trained health care team provides patient-focused care aimed at finding and treating the root cause to ensure optimal wellness and recovery.

Reid Physicians Group specializes in taking care of patients who’ve been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Our integrative health care team offers a number of treatments to assist in rebuilding the body after suffering trauma in a collision, including, but not limited to: medical and chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, and physical therapy.

To regenerate the body, Reid Physicians Group offers platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) as a treatment for joint and muscle pain, or to promote the healing of injured tissue after an accident. To restore health and wellness, Reid Physicians Group provides innovative medical weight-loss programs to assist on your journey to becoming your best self!

For top-quality integrative medical care from a group of highly trained specialists, call Reid Physicians Group or schedule an appointment online today. Same-day appointments are available.


With a medically supervised weight loss program from Reid Physicians group, our medical team will assist you in reaching your goal weight. We will be your partner in your weight loss every step of the way.

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What treatments are available for my car accident injury?

The team at Reid Physicians Group specializes in treating patients who’ve been in a car accident and provide a number of treatment options to assist in your recovery, including:

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Pain Relief with Reid Physicians Group

Pain Relief with Reid Physicians Group



Our treatment methods include both cutting edge therapies as well as time-tested treatments including:


  • New breakthrough medical technologies like Regenerative Medicine Therapy
  • Knee Therapy
  • Neck & Back Pain Treatment
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Injections
  • And much more!
No Cost consultation for Weight Loss, Regenerative Medicine, and other Services

No Cost consultation for Weight Loss, Regenerative Medicine, and other Services


We Accept: - All Auto Insurance Carriers - Out-of-Network Insurance - Cash Plans Please call us at (904) 646-4225 to inquire further.

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Why Pain Sustained After an Auto Accident is Often Delayed

Approximately 2.6 million Americans are injured in car accidents each year. But in many cases, it can take days for injury symptoms to appear. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately, whether you feel like you’re hurt or not.

How PRP Injections are Revolutionizing Joint Pain Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma represents an exciting drug-free way to treat chronic joint pain created by conditions such as osteoarthritis. PRP uses a small sample of your blood to obtain and concentrate growth factors to speed healing and reduce pain.


Words from our patients

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    "Very professional and knows you by name after the 1st visit. Any question doesn’t go unanswered and they make you feel like you’re their only patient."

    Clara R.
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    "Love this staff always have fun when you walk in the door and they are there for you 24/7 phone or text away.... Will miss these ppl when my weeks are over."

    Shanett C.
  • "Excellent practice, excellent service and excellent staff. I always leave feeling better! You are treated and cared for here!"

    Lisa T.
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    "Dr. Reid and her staff have helped me so much! It has truly been life changing! I went from constant pain in neck and shoulders with knots in my back, to no pain!"

    Jeannie M.
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    "Dr. Reid is by far the BEST chiropractor in Jacksonville. The service and staff is great. I always feel refreshed after my chiro visits."

    Robert P.


Reid Physicians Group
1205 Monument Rd, Suite 201
Jacksonville, FL 32225
Phone: 904-646-4225

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