Men, It's Time to Get Yours!

In this year of great grace, it is important to remember that we must keep our temples healthy in order to partake in the grace. Inkeeping with this, I wish to enlighten you regarding a recent recommendation about Prostate Cancer (PC) screening from the government-appointed United States Preventive Services Task Force, which may actually be detrimental to men’s health.

The Digital Rectal Exam and the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test are currently  the  best  tests  for  PC.  The  PSA test makes it possible  to often  diagnose  PC early, when  it is most treatable. Because the PSA test is thorough in early detection, often cancers are discovered that may never cause health problems or increased risk of death; thus resulting in unnecessary diagnosis and treatment. This finding prompted the Task Force to recommend against PSA-based screening.

African American men are at the highest risk of being diagnosed with and dying of prostate cancer. Therefore, the National  Medical  Association ,  the  nation’s   largest   group of African American doctors and the American Urological

Association, the world’s largest  group  of  doctors  who  treat PC, believe that screening should be encouraged rather than discouraged . Considering some PC does not require treatment , these associations suggest that a man is entitled to know whether he has PC and should therefore be allowed to decide if he desires treatment.

It is evident that all groups of people were not under consideration when the Task Force made its recommendations. So brothers, exercise wisdom and protect yourself and yow­ ability to receive God’s grace by getting your annual prostate check. The best scenario is for a man and his doctor to discuss his individual risks and benefits of screening and together, make a decision to proceed or not.

Sisters, go with him for support. My most compliant male patients are usually those whose wives accompany them to their appointments .

I got mine. Now, it’s time to get yours!

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