Tips for Healthy Living During the Holidays

Breathe.  It  sounds  elementary,  but making  a   conscious effort to take in a deep  cleansing  breath  (through  the  nose  and out of the mouth) a  few times  throughout  the  entire  day  is important. As we enter into this holiday season, we find ourselves getting busier. Naturally, with  more to do, it’s easy  for stress  to  set in.  Stress can  be  as traumatic  to the body  as  a car accident or a fall. It causes your muscles to tense and tighten, which in turn, places heavy pressure on the nervous system. Back pai n, neck pain, and headaches are often common symptoms of sh·ess. Deep, focused breathing helps to alleviate sh·ess and it also relaxes the body.

Drink Water. We have heard “drink more water” so many times,
but I find when I explain to my patients the reasons behind doing
just that, the results are more successful! Water comes with so
many benefits. For example, think about what a plant looks like
when it has not been watered; it’s similar to what happens to
our bodies. When you are dehydrated, your bodily organs can’t
function at their maximum capacity. Water prevents dryness
in our skin and premature aging. Not only is it also a natural
pain reliever, water even helps to curb the appetite which is so
important during this time of year when sweets and high caloric
foods are everywhere.

Sleep. The increased activities affiliated with Thanksgiving,
Christmas, and the New Year cause us to stay up late and get
up early. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it doesn’t
have the opportunity to recover and repair itself. When your
body enters into a deep sleep, important hormones are produced
which control your appetite. Sleep deprivation weakens the
immune system, causes irritability, and has been linked to high
blood pressure; therefore, set a reasonable bedtime, and stick to
it. You will enjoy your family and friends much more if you are
not so tired.

Shop! This is the “shopping season” and  we just  enjoyed  40 Days of Fellowship, so get out there and enjoy some time with your renewed and improved relationships. Walking treats joint pain and it lowers the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heait disease. Just make sure you are out walking and not overspending!

Remember … This is still your year for “Great Opportunities” so
take the opportunity to make the right choices for your temple.

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