Why Medically Supervised Weight Loss is More Successful Than the DIY Approach

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Living through an auto accident may affect your health in many ways — including weight gain. Particularly, going on bed rest after an operation can cause you to gain weight. The post-traumatic stress that you feel after an accident may also change your daily diet and exercise routines, contributing to the problem.

If you can’t seem to stop gaining weight after your injury, it’s easy to turn to online search engines for answers. But in this case, you may want to rely on trained medical professionals to support you in your health and weight loss goals.

Our compassionate, skilled providers at Reid Physicians Group in Jacksonville, Florida understand your specific needs. We also specialize in taking care of patients who have been in auto accidents, offering medically supervised weight loss support.

What is medically-supervised weight loss, exactly?

Following an initial consultation, our providers design a tailored weight loss plan with you, modifying for your lifestyle and health needs. In addition, we provide an exclusive plan that combines diet, exercise, and specific vitamin and hormonal supplements to support your sustained weight loss.

What are the advantages of medically supervised weight loss?

Here are a couple of reasons why medically supervised weight loss can be more successful than doing it alone:

Medical expertise is essential for consistent weight loss

Weight loss seems simple: diet plus exercise, right? Unfortunately, the process to lose weight can actually vary quite widely depending on your individual health history, genetic background, stress profile, and so forth. If you are committed to long-term, sustainable weight loss that leads to a healthier you, then advice from an expert health care provider is key.

Vitamins and hormones carry benefits for weight loss

The human growth hormone (HCG) diet and other dietary supplements may have positive effects on your weight loss, from stimulating your metabolism to enhancing the feeling of satiety. Our knowledgeable providers discuss the diet that we have developed in our practice, as well as other ways in which dietary supplements can support you in your weight loss journey.

Reid Physicians Group is here for you

Our team helps you recover and thrive within your body, utilizing a combination of integrative medicine, chiropractic treatments, and rehabilitative care. Whether you’re recovering from an accident or are hoping to realign yourself with your New Year’s resolution to stay healthy, we’re dedicated to your wellbeing.

If you’re excited to pursue weight loss and achieve your health goals, then call or click to schedule an appointment with Reid Physicians Group today.

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