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Therapeutic massage is no longer just a spa day treat, but a therapeutic tool that offers a number of health benefits, including tissue healing and pain relief. The integrative medical team at Reid Physicians Group in Jacksonville, Florida, provide therapeutic massage to help your recovery after a car accident, or as part of the treatment plan for chiropractic care or pain management. To schedule an appointment for a therapeutic massage, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What is therapeutic massage?

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage refers to the manual manipulation of your soft body tissue, which includes your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to improve your health and well-being. At Reid Physicians Group, therapeutic massage may be part of your treatment plan for:

  • Car accident care
  • Pain management
  • Slip/Fall
  • Worker’s Related Injury
  • Sport Injuries
  • Chiropractic care

The goal of a therapeutic massage is to restore your health and reduce your pain to get you back to doing the things you enjoy free of discomfort.

What types of therapeutic massages are there?

Your massage therapist at Reid Physicians Group customizes your therapeutic massage session based on your specific health needs and may use different types of massage to meet your health goals.

Common types of massage include:

  • Deep tissue massage: assists in repairing muscle damage
  • Sports massage: improves flexibility and promotes recovery
  • Trigger point massage: focuses on muscle knots to reduce radiating pain

Your massage therapist may use a combination of different types of therapeutic massage to restore your body. For example, if you have whiplash after a car accident, your therapist may do a deep tissue massage to help heal your injury, then a sports massage to improve range of motion in the injured area.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massages?

Therapeutic massages offer a range of benefits beyond making you feel good. Therapeutic benefits of massage include:

  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve blood circulation

Therapeutic massages also provide pain relief. Your massage therapist manipulates the muscle under your skin to reduce your muscle contractions and spasms, which provides almost instant pain relief.

What can I expect during a therapeutic massage session?

Your massage therapist creates a treatment plan specific to your needs, so each session is individualized. If you need a deep tissue massage, you may feel some discomfort during your session. If the pain is too much for you to bear, let the therapist know you need a gentler touch.

Therapeutic massage sessions usually last an hour, and afterward, you should feel both relaxed and energized.

For therapeutic massages aimed at helping your recovery and managing your pain, call Reid Physicians Group or schedule an appointment online today.