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Physical Rehabilitation Q & A

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At Reid Physicians Group, our priority is on restoring the spines and bodies of our patients to maximum pain free function. Our aim is to provide the optimal combination of natural and holistic pain management with conventional medicine to tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs.

From the moment you call us until you reach the end of your treatment program, you can feel confident that you are getting our absolute best patient-centered care. We strive to provide each individual patient the personalized care needed to relieve your pain fast and keep you pain free for the long haul.

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your condition. As soon as we have a comprehensive diagnosis of the extent and root cause of your pain, we will develop a personalized treatment program to speed your healing. Our first goal will be to relieve inflammation and treat your injury with natural and medical therapies combined with chiropractic care. As the inflammation subsides, our spinal rehabilitation specialists help you to strengthen areas that have been weakened as a result of injury to help ensure complete healing so that you remain pain free.

Our mission is first to alleviate your pain and heal your injury, then to help you stay healthy and pain free.

Our spinal rehabilitation programs are unique in that our emphasis is on improving the function of the discs in the spine. We have found that adding specialized chiropractic care and medical pain management is very effective in reducing inflammation in the discs as well as rehydrating the discs and restoring their function. Our focus on restoring function and mobility to your spine helps reduce pain and fatigue.

In addition to therapies provided in our office, every patient receives a plan of independent exercises and home therapies that, if followed, will speed recovery. The customized program focus on strengthening your spinal and core muscles to improve your flexibility and activity levels.

If you are in pain, we want to help you get your life back. Call our office for a FREE consultation today!